Will a Marantz 5300 fit in an Ikea Oppli Bench???


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone uses the Oppli Tv stand from Ikea.

Im thinking of buying one but wanted to ask if a Marantz SR5300 will fit inside the given compartments?

The width of the Amp is 440 mm

The Height is 150 mm

The depth is 800 mm

If anyone has an oppli bench would they please be kind enough to measure the width to see if this would fit???

Many thanks in advance for your help



Looking at the Oppli on the IKEA website; it is only 38cm in height and it looks as if 5cm or so could be the castors. Bearing in mind that any item of electronic kit, especially an amp, has to have several cm of 'breathing space' around it - it does look a bit too close for comfort. But then it doesn't state whether or not the shelves are adjustable...



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Yeah it will fit no problems in the centre gap, very close at the sides but plenty of space above for ventalation, I have just put a Denon 3803 in mine and as far as I know most AV receivers are a standard width so the Marantz should be the same.

My 3803 is 44cm wide

How deep is your amp??
80cm!! thats a bit big isn't it!! :rolleyes:


It definitely will fit in each of the gaps (which are of the same size). My old Marantz SR 7000 used to fit in there perfectly, with 0,5cm of space left and right.

I think 44cm is the maximum width for Hifi/AV gear. My current Pio VSX D1011 ist only 43cm wide, but very high. Still, there's enough space above for fresh air.

800mm of depth is not very realistic. The Oppli is 50 cm deep and takes the VSX D1011 (which is really hugely deep) including connections.



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well doh! :blush:

The depth cant be nearly a metre - sorry about that!

Thanks for your input re: the bench tho - i'll go and buy one next time im near Ikea!


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