Question Will a Lindy blocker help my issues? (ATV + Sony Av)


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I have a Sony STR-DH790 which I really like, Sky Q is primary source, PS4 Pro connected too, output is to Philips OLED acting as dumb monitor.
I introduced an ATV 4k a few months ago which I generally like but causes me grief in one aspect....

In no particular order:

Turn on Sky, AV powers up, TV powers up, Sky home shown on TV. This can be watched uninterrupted for many hours.

Activate the ATV, source switches on the AV, watch whatever content no issues at all.

Start the PS4, AV switches, start playing and at random intervals, the ATV does *something*, switches the input on the AV and I have to then grab the remote and switch sources back. This can happen twice in 5 mins then not again for an hour, there's no apparent pattern.
It never happens when playing Sky, only PS4.

Excuse my ignorance on the CEC topic but I'm not sure if the PS4 isn't sending the right data to keep the source switched and then *something* happens to wake the ATV or if *something* happens in the ATV that grabs the source. I've tried various HDMI control settings across the devices, one combo causing a very strange chain where shutting down the PS4 would cause the AV and TV to go to standby briefly, then they would apparently wake up the PS4, which would then try to go back to sleep, repeat for 15 mins till unplugging the PS4 form the power resolved.

Will a CEC blocker help? I've seen a few similar issues on here but not this particular one, I like the source switching and single powering down but I'm struggling with the ATV taking priority over the PS4.

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