Will a high quality SCART lead give better picture than S-Video?


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Connecting Thomson Freeview PVR to 42 inch Hitachi plasma.

Do you think if I get a high quality SCART lead like the QED ones will give me a better picture than S-Video or not?

The Thomson box allows me to set the SCART to RGB and I was planning to try an RGB only SCART cable.

Bit expensive at £54 for the QED AV41 just to give it a try though.

If it does improve quality I'd buy one.


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Technically RGB SCART is superior to S-Video so it should look better even without a very expensive SCART lead (which I think would make a negligible difference anyway).

Remember to plug it into an RGB capable SCART socket on the back of the TV.


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You don't get audio with a RGB only cable. Not sure if this is an issue or maybe you have a separate sound output to an amp?

Fully wired scart cable will give you RGB signal & sound etc. QED P2110 is supposed to be a good cable or there's the AV21 which is a bit more chunky & the same price as AV41.


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Hello Pete

Yes, I output sound via optical to an external amp. So I don't care about sound down the SCART cable.

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