Will a Dvi to Hdmi solve my screen size issue?


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Hi folks.

I have a Tosh 42x3030D that has a VGA port, I want to hook up my Hp Slim pc for media and web access but if I use the onboard VGA I get massive boarders down the sides. Like a sideways letter box?

I have upped the res on the Pc and set the TV to auto adjust but no change.

I bought a quadro NVS280 as its small form and I was wondering if I use a DVI to HDMI adaptor will this solve my problem and give me full screen?

Thanks for any help :)


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Try the "wide" aspect ratio option on the Toshiba, as opposed to the PC.

What VGA resolution are you sending (I guess 1024x768, try 1360x768, or I prefer 1600x1200 via VGA on my 42X3030D)?

Otherwise DVI to HDMI would give you 1:1 pixel mapping, and a worthwhile cable to buy considering your card has a DVI socket.

Via DVI, if you have under or overscan, you have to check the scaling options on the graphics card.


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Hey guys,

at the moment I cant say what res I'm sending as vista had a fit so I thought I would reinstall this was fine as long as I stay on the channel. I watched a dvd then went back to HDMI2 and just get a blue screen.

Ugh I will have a play over the weekend and see what I can do.


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I would use HDMI1 if you want to have audio using the 3.5mm analogue input, HDMI2 can only accept HDMI audio on the 42X3030D.

Unfortunately I have had issues with Nvidia cards via DVI on the Toshiba 42X3030D (6800GT pci-e), when changing channels, I would get a blue screen.

My work-around was to use the sleep function, even that was annoying so I use it via VGA, I have since changed to a ATI HD3850, which has no blue screen issues when I change channel, but does lose audio via HDMI.

There are a couple more of work-arounds which I have seen lately:-

Blue Screen (loss of HDMI/DVI sync)

Set up display profiles in the graphics card driver (1080p60 and 720p60), with hotkeys assigned. If you change source and lose HDMI sync, when invoke one of the hotkey profiles.

Alternatively......Download HDMI_ON, this is similar to the profiles, and turns display signal OFF>ON:-


details discussed here:-


Loss of Audio via HDMI (ATI HD series of cards) credit to amps and jong1


Disable the "Ati External Event Utility" service
Press Windows Key+R to bring up the "run" command
Type "services.msc" and press enter
Right click on "Ati External Event Utility" and select properties
Change "Startup Type" to Disabled. Press OK

XP (I can confirm this works in my setup)

Disable the "ATI Hotkey Poller" service
Press Windows Key+R to bring up the "run" command
Type "services.msc" and press enter
Right click on "ATI Hotkey Poller" and select properties
Change "Startup Type" to Disabled. Press OK

Details discussed here:-
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Great reply mate thanks.

One question for you, at the moment I am using HDMI2 with a home cinema system so sound is fine.

My problem is I cant find any other menus other than the standard one to sort the res out if I put it to 1360x768 it cuts out the top and bottom (no taskbar)

Do you happen to know a workaround for this?

Thanks again:thumbsup:

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