Will a claim on fleet/hire insurance affect your NCB


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Brother has full NCB on his motor insurance. He sold his car and cancelled his motor insurance over a year ago and now has a company car and is a named driver on a fleet insurance. He does not have his own motor insurance. He made a claim a year ago on the fleet insurance when involved in a hit and run. He is planning to buy a small car privately. Does he have to tell the insurance company about the claim he made on a fleet insurance policy? Will it affect his NCB? He rang up the fleet insurance to ask if it affects his "personal" NCB on his personal insurance, they said it has nothing to do with it and should not affect it. He felt that the guy who gave him the advice was uncertain and was just guessing.

Thinking about it what happens if you hire a car and have to make a claim. Do you inform your insurance that you made a claim on a hire car insurance policy?

Hope the above makes sense.


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I ran a company car for 10 years until I changed jobs 11 years ago. In my "new" job, I ran my own car and claimed for mileage.
I got a letter from my old employer's insurer. This stated that I had been driving for 10 years without any claims that were my fault. There had been a few claims that weren't my fault, inevitable when you drive 40K+ miles per year.
When I got my own insurance, they accepted this letter as proof of NCB.

Your brother should ask the fleet manager and his previous private insurer for letters. Tell the new insurer about any claims. If they were "no fault", they shouldn't count against him.

Same with hire cars - any claims need to be notified on renewal.


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Does he have to tell the insurance company about the claim he made on a fleet insurance policy?

Yes he does as one of the questions insurance companies ask is have you had any accidents or claims in the last 5 years

Now he could lie and say no but if the insurance company find out they will null the insurance

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