Will a 32" be big enough?


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Oct 3, 2005
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Im thinking of getting a 32" lcd for my front room. The room is 17' x 14' so the TV will be about 12' from where i'll mainly be sitting. Do you think 32" will be big enough or should I really get a 42".

My plan at the minute is to get a 32" lcd then save up to get a HiDef 42" (plasma or lcd) and then move the 32" into the bedroom (which is 10' x 12'). So if I get a cheap 42" plasma now instead, then later on when Ive saved enough for a HiDef one, the cheap 42" would then move to the bedroom but I think it might be a bit overpowering in a 10x12 room, what do you guys think?
Go for the 32" - i'd say about 10-12ft is optimum viewing distance so you're pretty much on the money.

Try the Samsung - silly price for a superb quality 32" LCD or you could pay another £600 for an equally good set with a Pansonic badge on the front (lot of money for a badge)
Sounds like you've got it sussed. WIth that size room I would say go for a 40"+ but the 32" will be about right for the second room.


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