Will 5.1 speakers work correctly with 6.1 AV reciever?



I will be getting two floor standers, two rear speakers and a center. Will they work properly with a 6.1 amp?
Which amp are you thinking of?

Most 6.1 amps have some kind of "Surround back on/off" setting so that they can be used in either a 5.1 or 6.1 configuration (or even 7.1).

You can set the amp to only use the 5 speakers and redirect the .1 to the fronts, ( you don't mention a sub) and the 6th can be left off. Let us know what your getting and a review here when its all up and running.
Thinking of getting Two ( KEF) Coda 90s as fronts, with a Coda 80 centre and two Coda 70s for rears. This will all be powered by (not sure but maybe - suggestions welcome) a Marantz SR5400 ( which is 6.1)

I wont be getting a sub as the Coda 90s are pretty meaty ( go as far down as 37hz sensitivity)
37? bah. thats were the fun really starts lol.
Might look at getting a sub in a few months but I want to get a good core setup sorted first.

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