Wildlife Photographer of The Year 2012 - Exhibition Shots


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Thanks for the link - great photos but really like the middle three - cheetahs on rock, turtle and macaque in water.


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How amazing they are, just to actually have a chance of being there to have the opportunity taking any of those shot is incredible.


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There is a chap who was nominated in my local metro for this , a man who as been a great inparation to me, he is a Conservation biologist and a wildlife photojournalist is kingfisher shot's are awesome ......and he as never failed to reply to any of my emails .......is name is Joe petersburger.


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That's interesting Dennis - quick Google pulled up his website - which will keep me busy for a whilst - fantastic shots indeed from what I've seen so far :)

Joe Petersburger.com - Intro

Well worth a view


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