Wiimotes have stopped working after update


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Mar 13, 2004
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Whilst using our Wii this afternoon, I entered the Wii Shopping Channel, and was prompted that there was a system update available which included an upgrade to the shop.

I ran the update via the Wii settings, and everything went normally. However, after it re-booted itself, the wiimotes have stopped working - they don't register on the screen anymore, and buttons such as power on/off aren't recognised by the Wii.

I've done the usual reboot and full power down with the Wii but no joy. I've also tried to re-sync the wiimotes, but as the Wii isn't recognising them this doesn't work either.

Anyone got any ideas how I can get everything up and running again? :(
Have you un-plugged your Wii from the wall and taken the batteries out of all the controllers for a few minutes? I know doing this in the past has solved a few peoples problems probably resets the sync's properly or something but I'd definately give that a try first.

Hope it solves it,

Thanks for this Olly. I tried a full power down earlier on, but with no luck.

However, the unit has been sat unplugged for a few hours, and I've just tried it and it now appears to be working. Blinkin' technology!

All I have to do now it try and work out why the new RGB cable I just bought, isn't displaying the images right up to the top! I feel a Google/search coming on! :cool:

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