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Hi Guys,

I bought a Wii on Saturday, which I'm thrilled with, as you can imagine. I've got it connected to the internet, which was nice and painless using WEP security BTW, but wanted to know if I should leave Wiiconnect24 on? I noticed when I got online, that the light on the front didn't go to red when switching off, but stayed orange (well sort of orange). I've turned it off now, but wondered if:
a) leaving it on is okay from a heat perspective, and
b) there any benefit to leaving it on?

I've read about overheated consoles needing to be returned to Nintendo, but want to know if this is a tiny percent of people suffering, or if general concensus is to just leave it off.

Appreciate your feedback.




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Mine has been on with wiiconnect24 on since i got it at launch and is fine. Mine does not get that hot only slightly warm.

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Ive mine turned off. TBH i really dont see the reason to have it on.

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It lets you know when someone has sent you an email to your wii address/username. (which i dont use) And also lets you knwo when updates are available (Rare)
You need it turned on to access the News, Weather, and Everybody Votes channels. When I had my Wii though I still kept it off as it gets hot if left on.


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It seems pretty pointless and wasteful to leave it on 24/7, and my Wii gets very hot (read - wasting energy) if I do forget to switch it off properly.

I could understand leaving it on 24/7 if it was like the main hub for checking emails, www browsing etc, but PCs do these things so much better.


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Whilst i leave the interent settings on within the menus, i virtually always press and hold the power button to turn off the machine.

It will use power in standby mode especially, i imagine, because of the wireless connection.

The onlt exception for me is if i have sent a message and expect to turn my machine back on within the next few hours. Then ill leave it on standby.


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