Wii to VSXLX60 to LX5080D ??


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Probably noob questions – sorry.

Just before I spend money on a component cable for the Wii, couple of questions:

Can I plug the Wii into the the component input on the back of the LX60 amp and then output through a hdmi cable to a LX5080D plasma? Secondly, will the amp upscale the image from the Wii?

When I plug something into the component connectors on the amp – which audio imput do I plug the L&R audio into? I’m presuming its just a setup issue when going through the options but I’ve only just taken everything out of boxes and want everything to run smoothly during my plugging in and setting up.


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Yes you can thats what i do with my LX70, the audio inputs will simply be linked to whichever input you decide to use.

All very easy to setup

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