Wii surround sound again - Sorry


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Hello All,

I'm trying to connected my Wii to my cinema surround system (LG HT503TH)
(Sound decoders: DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Prologic II, DSP, 2Ch stereo by-pass, VSM)

I've connected the Wii cable to the TV and the Amp

Yellow Video to TV
Red and White Audio to AUX on the Amp

I've set AUX on the amp to decode Dolby Prologic II (also tried all other decoders) but there is no sound from any speakers.

I've set the sound on the Wii setup to Surround (tried all three sound settings)

If I connect the Wii cable (3 pins) to the TV and connect the Amp to the TV using a digital optical cable I get sound from the front speakers only.

But I would like to have sound from the rear speakers too.

I know this problem has been covered a few times but I cannot find anything I have not already tried any help would be very much appreciated?

I don't think it's the Wii
I think it has something to do with LG HT503TH
Or it could just be me!


Johnny Reb.
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Stereo in which the WII is and the TV's optical which is also stereo you will only get Dolby Pro Logic. What ever the WII quotes surround sound etc it is at the end of the day Stereo with effects so the AV system must do the tricks with pro-logic.


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Yes – But if the sound system can decode the Wii,
Should I not have sound from all 5.1 speakers?


Johnny Reb

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