Wii Sports looks OK with Composite


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Wii sports looks OK with composite (on LCD). I think it's cause there is very little shading or complex lighting.

Zelda, on the other hand, looks pretty bad. The game itself is fantastic, but looks poor through composite.

I think I'm gonna try the DIY cable mod. (Can't wait till after Christmas to see Zelda properly)

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id have to agree, lots of colour bleed and uncontrolled blooming. i tried the mod myself and managed to switch to component mode, but then gave up as i didnt want a £200 door stop (a nice looking one but no doors! :devil: )


Agreed, COD3 was very hard to play on an LCD on dark scenes trying to make out enemies at a distance. On the driving bit I could barely see a thing despite loads of tinkering with settings.


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As I have said elsewhere I would have to say that Zelda looks pretty good on the Sharp P series LCD I have and, although I suspect component will give an advanatge and I will probably end up chnaging, it is good enough for me now......don't know whether or not I am more easily pleased, but so far Zelda has been fine for me......yes there are a few grpahical artefacts, but nothnig that has detrated from the game


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I find at 576i over composite its good enough to play Zelda on both the LG 37" LCD and the Mirai 32" LCD. Maybe the upscaler in the LCD TV cleans up the image a little making it look better than it should? If I switch to 60Hz though it looks terrible as the loss in resolution is quite noticeable.


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I'm with the original poster - think Zelda looks pretty crap.
I want to wait until the Component cable is out until I start getting into it - want to be able to experience it properly.. thats running on a panasonic PX600 50" - like other the 60Hz option makes the menu's look a bit funny so I'm still using the 50Hz option at the moment - hoping I can get a component cable on Friday...


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Im not touching Zelda until I get my component cable. Dont know if Im going to touch Super Monkeyball either.. Im having too much fun with Wii Sports and the Retro games to care to be honest!

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