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Thought this might be a good idea so we can have something to compare our scores against. just post your scores below and i'll try to update the table every day or so. no proof neccessary, i trust you all :lesson:

Wii Sports

Main Game


300 Bigmonty69
277 addyb
268 femstar
256 mh8701
226 taylaw
225 onilink

Golf: 3 Hole Beginner:

Golf: 3 Hole Intermediate:

Golf: 3 Hole Expert:

Golf: 9 Hole::

-7 dan1979
-4 mh8701

Training Games:

Tennis: Timing Your Swing:

30 mh8701

Tennis: Returning Balls:

175 , MH8701

Tennis: Target Practice:

22 mh8701

Baseball: Hitting Home Runs: :

1634m mh8701
642m dcfcviper

Baseball: Swing Control::

48 mh8701
27 dcfcviper

Baseball: Batting Practice::

27 mh8701
18 dcfcviper

Bowling: Picking Up Spares:

10 mh8701

Bowling: Power Throws:

566 mh8701

Bowling: Spin Control:

11 mh8701

Golf: Putting:

7 mh8701
4 dcfcviper

Golf: Target Practice::

625 mh8701
610 dcfcviper

Golf: Hitting The Green:

30.8m mh8701
58.9m dcfcviper

Boxing: Working the Bag:

25 mh8701

Boxing: Throwing Punches:

53 mh8701

Boxing: Dodging:

66 mh8701

Training Age:

20 mh8701


I think most of those are covered in various threads in the wii games section.

Anyway -7 for 9 holes of golf, anyone beat that?


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Bowling: 226 right-handed, 215 left-handed

Part of a marathon 2.5hr bowling session that left me with two 'wii arms' for days after..........


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Got my first 300 on bowling about 5 mins ago!! - Wii bowling score is now over 1600!!.

I was crapping it once I got about eight in a row! :clap:

It says displays - 'Perfect' once you get it.


I got a 224 in bowling today, my highest so far - went rapidly downhill after that.

I'm now pro status in bowling, boxing and golf - not bad considering I've only played sporadically as it's not my wii :cool:


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Training - Baseball

1. Hitting Home Runs - 4 @ 642m
2. Swing Control - 27 pts
3. Batting Practice - 18

Training - Golf

1. Putting - 4 pts
2. Hitting The Green - 58.9m
3. Target Practice - 610 pts


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583 pins Power Bowling.
215 Bowling.

600 Golf Target Training.


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I have had 2 platinum medals so far

One on spin control where I managed all 20
The other is target practice on golf (810pts)


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Also got 300 on bowling recently, wifes well peed off with me now.
Done 91 pins on power throws, and also -5 for golf 9 hole.


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got a 254 on bowling. also got 624 on the power throws thing. golf 9 holes got -2. thats all i play. :D

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