Wii sold 105,000k in the opening weekend, a new UK record!


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I've just finished reading about the launch figures over at MVC, it seems the the Wii has broken the current UK record held by the Xbox360 which was set at 75,000 thousand units in the first weekend of sales.

The Wii achieved 105,000 thousand sales which is the first time a console has broken 100k during its launch weekend in the UK.

Sounds like its off to a good start :smashin:


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They would have sold a lot more and have a bigger record if shipped more - to beat it all you need to do is make sure there are hundreds of thousands available at launch day (Oh yes and make a really good console of course :) )


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360 would have sold that many if they'd had them on the shelves last year, pretty sure the PS3 will comfotably break that record come March (if they have more than that number available)

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The Wii would have also sold alot more if they were available. I doubt the Ps3 will come out in large numbers.


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The Wii would have also sold alot more if they were available. I doubt the Ps3 will come out in large numbers.

To be fair the 360 was in extremely short supply (more so than the Wii) and could have sold far more than they did had there been the stock available.

Nintendo have done the best at getting the most to market but to be honest I think any of the 3 consoles could sell a good 200,000 in the first weekend if the stock was there.

I do think that the Wii will maybe go on to be the best selling console this generation but launch figures are pretty meaningless to be fair - they are merely an indication of how well the company has been at getting stock to market at launch.

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Thats what i meant CAS. You cant tell who would have sold the most because none of them released enough stock.


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Thats what i meant CAS. You cant tell who would have sold the most because none of them released enough stock.

Yep and that's what annoys me the most, I feel a rant coming on.

If they released enough stock to meet the demand at launch then we wouldn't see this debacle every time a new console is launched.

The only winners here are ebay and the greedy sods that buy up 10 consoles to sell on ebay. It doesn't make the console or the company look better to have thousands of people trawling the land trying to find one and i'm damned if i'm gonna pay double the retail price on ebay.

I know it's my own fault for not preordering but dear wifey wanted to wait till her birthday untill it was released and then informed me that she wanted one for xmas. Stupid, stupid Dave should have seen that coming months ago.

*Leaves forum to go and bang head on wall*

Ok I'm back, rant over.:D

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This record exists for hype purposes really, the playing field isnt level when they release at different times with different stock, but the record has been broken all the same.
Perhaps they could work out a way of measuring interest generated by a new launch.
Its about as unfair as comparing Michael Schumacher with Ayrton Senna by using records, when Schumacher took part in 50% more GPs, credit to schumacher for staying in a top team so long, and credit to Nintendo for getting loads of consoles on shelves for launch week.


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I would to see where they got 105,000 from, especially as most stores did not even stock them and those that did had very limited stocks. I wonder if most of these where unfulfilled preorders that retaillers asked for and did not get.

I base it on the fact Currys,Dixons and PCworld received VERY few
Comet Never had them in Stock
Game and Gamestation never received there full quota to sell.
Argos never received their full quota
Amazon preorders only 7 mins (Cannot see having a great deal if that quick)
Toys r us (limited availability).
Tescos (Only in extras. Limited availabilty)
Asda 10-15 at some stores not all
Woolies (Not promising)
Play (Not very many)
Oviously i have missed some like Virgin but i cannot see them getting the massive amount to make 105K

Help me find the Wiis

Daddy k

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theyre all at my house! damn i knew i over done the pre orders ;)


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"Wii sold 105,000k in the opening weekend"

Thats ... er... 105,000,000 ... er ... 105 million! It took PS2 years to sell that many. :clown:


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