Wii sensor bar location


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Now that I've managed to track down a component cable (Gameplay cable - noticeable improvement, much crisper image especially in the menus) I'm thinking of setting the Wii up with the projector for some multi-play Wii Sports fun over Christmas.

Until I can sort out a wireless sensor bar, the bar would not be able to sit in front of the screen. Does this matter ? For example, if the sensor bar is 90 degrees to my left, would that matter when playing Wii Sports ? Obviously I would have to point the wiimote to the left to select options on screen etc. but is that the only drawback or does the wiimote also use the IR signal to orientate itself with the screen ? If so, I guess all my actions with the wiimote (spin in tennis for example) would also be offset by 90 degrees ... ?

Sorry, I'm probably not making myself clear - does anyone understand my babbling ?

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