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I have just borught a new wirless sensor (can't remeber the make) as the original one broke. The sensor is positioned on my TV stand where the TV is. I play my games sitting on the floor looking at the TV. For my sensor to work correctly i had to set it up so the wii thinks the sensor is on top of the tv not underneath like it actually is. This has been working for me however sometimes when playing mario the pointer won't show up on the screen and then when it does it keeps flashing on and off, then after a while it will work fine. There are no objects between myself and the Tv. Any ideas as what could be causing this?


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Go in to the wii options on the bottom left and find the Sensitivity section of the sensor bar settings. Try turning it down or up and see if it helps - you should see just 2 blinking lights on the screen when you do it in the location of the sensor bar - more and you have an external light source messing with it.

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I have set the sensitivity up right. I have only got a big light in the room i'm playing. Its just funny that it works sometimes and then it doesn't. Also when pointing the remote at the screen sometimes it vibrates a lot and the pointer flashes on and off


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For the sensor bar to work correctly; you have to hold the remote at about the same height as the bar is. Sit on a high chair or stand up or move the bar lower.

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Sorry for a really silly Q :blush:, but are the batteries "fresh" in the Wiimote (a symptom of the 'mote struggling with pointing is sometimes due to battery power being a tad low)?

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