Wii SD Storage Solution Announced


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When I read about this I thought that you could download VC/WiiWare games to an SD card but you would still have to copy them from the SD card to your Wii's internal memory in order to play them. Or have I read that wrong? If that is the case then it's not really any different to what you can currently do, the only difference being that you can download directly to the SD card rather than to the Wii and then copy over to an SD.

It seems to me that it isn't a great leap in terms of solving the Wii's storage issues as you will still only be able to keep a small number of VC games on your internal memory and have the rest stored on SD cards and then have to keep swapping and changing them depending on what gaming mood you're in. If however you can play the games directly from the SD card then that would be much better and save having to faff about swapping cards etc.


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I thought exactly the same from what had been posted directly after the conference, hence the post, but I just watched the conference video for myself and from that it sounds like programs wont run from the SD card itself, but will be copied to the wii memory then run.

I can see there being a new channel implemented with on the fly copying/caching, so you would click play and it would cache the game and play it from system memory, then delete it once finished. If thats the case then the speed of your SD card will play an important part now.

In any case its nice to see a solution is being developed.

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