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what router do you guys advise me to get i wanna get the wii online and this free old router from aol is not good, its one of those speedtouch ones.


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Mine works fine with the Netgear DG834G.


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Works fine with Orange Livebox no probs.
Only one real problem, which I was unaware of, if you leave wiiiConnect on 24/7, when you switch off to standby mode (orange light on box) you stand a chance of burning out the graphics card. because the unit is off, the cooling fan goes off, but the unit continues to interact with the internet, thus because the internet chip is next to the graphics card, it damages it, I now have a wii with pixellated lines running though the picture. The unit is only 4 weeks old!
see here for details
Nintendo do appear to be aware of the problem, and I am sending back the unit for repair under warranty. But it would have been nice to know of the issue to avoid it in the first place!

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