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Wii problems through onkyo 605


Deleted member 380232

Got a problem with the aspect ratio of my Wii

I have the wii connected up to the Onkyo 605 via component.

This is then output via HDMI (and auto scaled to 720p using the secret menu) to my TV.

Problem is that the output is 4:3. Anyone know why or got the same problem?

Before you ask

1. My Wii is set to 480p and widescreen
2. My TV is set to widescreen (I also have a projector hooked up and it does the same so it's not a problem with the telly)
3. If I set my TV to 4:3 the picture goes even smaller
4. All other inputs are output fine

Any ideas??



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It's the same issue I have with my SKY+ box (through a Keene SCART to Component converter). It's a secret menu for a reason. It may be that it's cheaper for Onkyo to manufacture the 605 with identical components as the 705/805 and deliberately disable/hide/sabotage certain features that appear on the higher end models.

Deleted member 380232

I can't remember how to get into it but a quick search of the 605 owners thread should find it.

It lets you turn on a feature that upscales everything to 720p. Do you think this is causing the problem?
run my wii from its component connection at 480p into the 605 then from the 605 to the tv through hdmi, but using 480p and its fine? have you tried it outputting at the wii's native resolution?


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Yes, forcing the upscaling to 720P via the secret menu is what's causing it to go 4:3.


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Yes, forcing the upscaling to 720P via the secret menu is what's causing it to go 4:3.

This could well be that 720P is ONLY 16:9 aspect and depending on how the Wii does its own aspect ratio generation then your 605 will have to 'map' the 720x480p (or 720x576i as you choose in the Wii) to 1280x720p.

16:9 and 4:3 are the same in terms of pixel/line size. The TV is told to process the 720x480 or 720x576 image and stretch the image accross, just as the source (eg DVD or STB) is visually squashed at the sides before transmission (widescreen).

If the Onkyo was not designed to offer you this, then it may have not been setup to understand the different settings possible and so provide a fixed mapping assumption.

As your TV/Projector will HAVE to scale to its pixel array anyway, then why not leave this as native 480p (or in fact 576i for more detail if possible) as your TV and projector will de-interlace (if needed) and upscale (if needed) to get its screen working.. This is especially true if one of your screens can go to full HD.. Then you have two resolutions to scale to and I would not fancy cascading scalers (605 to 720p and full HD screen to 1080p)



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