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Wii problem with Vdigi Compnent to VGA Adapter

Have a US Wii set to 480P and GAME brand component cable and shielded VGA cable, using them and Vdigi Z3 to connect Wii to Monitor, the colours are fine but I get this annoying vertical banding/refresh rate lines moving across the screen from top to bottom, very faint but distracting.

Did not have this problem when hooking up the XBox via same method, also don't get this when Using GAMECUBE games on wii, just Wii games and wii menu... anyone else have this problem?, if not which VGA convertor are you using and which brand component cable...thanks, I got the US wii due to the fact that it can output 640*480 Native a 60FPS, and it's annoying to know that it does not work properly...


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can i ask,does it look like you are looking at a crt monitor through a camera...you know,like when you see a monitor on the news..that refresh line that either goes up or down.
if so,i would say that its maybe the timing is off for menu,and games on the wii..like not strictly 60hz.
another thing,is last night,i switched the wii on,without changing channels on the tv first,and my tv shows,720x480...a uk wii,but also on a friends US/japanese one(not too sure),it shows the same..720x480.
never seen 640x480 before.
can i ask,does it look like you are looking at a crt monitor through a camera...you know,like when you see a monitor on the news..that refresh line that either goes up or down.

That's exaclty what it looks like, looked at the monitors menu and it reads 59.98hz.., and the actual displayed res of any fullscreen NTSC material is 640*480, where as for PAL it is 768*576., those 720*576/720*480 numbers are just what the material is encoded at, call them anamorphic resolutions if you want...

you get 720*480 PAL instead of 720*576 because it is set to PAL 60, which bascially sets the console to NTSC mode..., i.e FAke PAL 60, there is not such thing as true PAL 60 as it would be 720*[email protected], so yes we get shafted on the PAL 60.... increase in frame rate but lower resolution, so poorer PQ...


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its not just the VGA cable, I had my wii connected via game component cable and I got the exact same thing. I started a thread about this a couple of weeks ago. I am back to the official RGB scart which does gives a brilliant picture but feel a bit hacked off that I cannot get my games in progressive, but I HAD to go back to RGB scart as the lines were VERY visible and distracting, especially on Legend of Zelda TP. The thing is I got the lines on 50hz/60hz and all of the resolutions 576i, 480i etc.
Some people have cured this by getting the official component cable, you could give that a try.
Best of luck anyway, keep us informed
I use the same GAME component cable to connect the wii to a PDI Deluxe Card "Sweetspot" although it only supports 480i, I get a perfect image, although the video timing is off by a few seconds due to the image having to be deinterlced by the computer.., but with VGA I would get a much sharper image, but don't want to spend £25 on official cables knowing it might not do the trick, anyone else going the VGA route?..

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