Wii Present for Nephew aged 12


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My nephews birthday is coming up soon and my brother suggested some wii stuff as a present but was some what vague after that I as far as I can tell they have a basic consul with a couple of wands, a gun and steering wheel. Guess that will mean fitness and a driving game

Any ideas of what might go down well for about £40 ish - never really got into gaming myself

Many thanks in advance for nay suggestions



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It certainly is - that's why I thought some of you experts may be able to help me out

The top 40 is very interestingly - any thoughts on what may have real longevity rather than flavour of the month, latest release

The Fuggler

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From a driving perspective, Mario Kart is pretty much the only decent racing game, but it sounds like he already has that if he has the steering wheel (they come bundled with the game).

Some other games with good longevity and highly rated would be:

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Brothers Brawl

(both are indeed as super as the titles make out!)

Boom Blox Bash Party

If you have a look on something like Games Tracker you might be able to make your £40 stretch to a couple of those titles.


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went for the sports resort with motion controller, if all goes to plan I will get it for some where between £25 and £27

£29 from littlewoods on line (promo code ZG100 for new customers only )

plus 8% discount from quidco - its tracked at £49 not sure how it works with using a discount codes though


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Should have bought him HOTD Overkill & a big gun for it........ :devil:


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His mum would kill me, I still get grief from one of my mates girlfriends for giving her 7 year old son a pirate copy of GTA - she tells me it was 18 rated :oops: and he loved it :eek: how was I to know ?

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