wii no longer comes with sports ????


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hi i just wondered as i spoke to my local game today who had no stock come in of the console but did all accessories nuchucks wiimotes etc but strangley enough he said lots of stock of games come in , including

wii sports , he then said not sure but maybe packages will be changing when stock comes in as he cant understand why wii sports came in???????


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I cant see any reason why any future reason Wii wont come with Wii Sports, Maybe it was a numpty you spoke to, Wouldnt be the first time :cool:


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I've seen a few sites with Wii Sports out soon for £19.99, don't know why you'd want another copy though. Maybe just releasing it so if you scratch yours you can replace it, or maybe if they do change the bundles down the line it is out there on the market. I do not think they will be changing the console bundle anytime soon though.


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Does it not come in the actual box of the wii?


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£19.99 @ Game and £14.99 @ Play

White racing grip
White racket grip
White golf grip
White grip adapter


When I bought my Wii from Asda they had Wii Sports on sale along side the other games.

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