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I thought this may be of interest to some here; it is to me :)


Shame about videos having to be fla, hardly what you'd call user friendly, but let's see how this develops ;)

I use GB-PVR and I'm sure there must be some capacity to stream media via a web browser, somewhere. If only it wasn't the Christmas season and I had more free time ! This is one of those ideas where I'm sure the solution is just out of reach...


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NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO... what are you doing to me:(

I have almost convinced myself to get an xbox 360 to compliment my Wii, and part of my argument was the streaming aspect etc of the 360.. now you show me this and I am stuffed... getitng harder to jusify the expense of a 360 if the Wii will do the mp3 playing etc anyway

But great find mate


That's great, once you've got the streaming working it's just a matter of time before they get it accepting more formats.

Potentially you could stream game roms as well

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absolutely, I think the secret may be a container for currently incompatible formats, to fool opera.

As for making the browser fall over, which is feasible if you could control a webserver (and no reason of course why this couldn't be on a PC on your home network)...then the door is wide open for homebrew, and support for most formats, surely.

Hello, streaming, wireless media centre :)

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