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Wii game individual discussion threads complete list: check before opening new thread

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii-U & 3DS' started by Haggler, May 26, 2009.

  1. Haggler

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    Sep 11, 2007
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    Workbench bootblock
    Thought i'd take it upon myself to create an alphabetical list of all the wii game discussion threads that have been created in this forum along with any that have only a single thread along the same lines, i hope the mods don't mind but i had a few spare hours and hopefully this should help everyone in the long run, anyone who is considering adding a new game discussion thread can now look in here first to see if one has already been created and should anyone create a duplicate thread the mods can easily track the original and merge the two if necessary, the sites search function is not fantastic and this is an attempt at helping it out a bit.

    Any lingering vc and wiiware threads along with comparison and recommend me a game threads etc have been omitted from this list, so it should contain just the discussion and feedback threads, though i take no responsibility for the odd oversight.

    Hopefully this should also give older game threads a new lease of life too by making their threads easier to find, as usual clicking on the game name will take you directly to that games discussion thread, please bear in mind compiling this list took ages and constructive criticism on ways to improve this thread may be taken on board but please refrain from posting drivel about it's lack of usefulness etc, i'll leave it up the mods to decide whether or not they want to sticky this thread.

    Animal crossing city folk
    Anno: Create A New World
    Ashes cricket 2009
    Avatar legend of aang
    Batallion wars 2
    Big brain academy
    Big beach sports
    Big family party
    Blazing angels
    Boom blox 1
    Boom blox 2 : Bash party
    Broken sword directors cut
    Brothers in arms: double time
    Brunswick pro bowling
    Bully scholarship edition
    Call of duty 3
    Call of duty world at war
    Carnival games
    Cursed mountain
    Dancing stage hottest party
    De blob
    Dead rising
    Dead space extraction
    Deadly creatures
    Destroy all humans: Big willy
    Dewys adventure
    Disaster day of crisis
    Donkey kong jet race
    Donkey kong jungle beat wii
    Dragon quest swords
    Driver parallel lines
    Ea playground
    EA Sports active
    Emergency mahem
    Endless ocean
    Endless ocean 2
    Excite bots trick racing
    Excite truck
    F1 2009
    Far cry vengence
    Farmyard party
    Fatal frame lunar eclipse
    Ferrari challenge
    Fifa 2008
    Fifa 2009
    Fifa 2010
    Final fantasy crystal chronicles
    Fire emblem radiant dawn
    Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
    G1 Jokey
    Geometry wars galaxies
    Ghost squad
    Godzilla unleashed
    Grand slam tennis 2009
    Guilty gear xx
    Guiness world records the videogame
    Guitar hero 3
    Guitar hero Metallica
    Harry potter order of the phoenix
    Harvest moon
    High school musical
    House of the dead 2 and 3
    House of the dead overkill
    Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
    Indiana jones staff of kings
    Job island/Help wanted
    Just dance
    King of fighters collection
    Lego indiana jones
    Lego starwars complete saga
    Let's tap
    Links crossbow training
    Little kings story
    Little league world series
    Mad world
    Madden 2007
    Madden 2008
    Manhunt 2
    Marble saga kororinpa
    Mario and sonic at the olympic games
    Mario kart wii
    Mario party 8
    Mario strikers charged
    Mario tennis
    Marvel ultimate alliance
    Medal of honour heroes 2
    Medal of honour vanguard
    Mercury meltdown revolution
    Metroid prime 3 Corruption
    Mini ninjas
    Mlb power pros
    Monster hunter 3
    Mortal kombat: Armageddon
    My sims
    My fitness coach
    Need for speed carbon
    Need for speed nitro
    New super mario bros wii
    Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
    Nights journey into dreams
    Ninjabread man
    No more heroes
    Obscure aftermath
    Open season
    Pangya golf style
    PDC World championship darts 2008
    PDC World championship darts 2009
    Pool party
    Pro evolution soccer 2008
    Pro evolution soccer 2009
    Pirates of the caribbean at worlds end
    Prince of persia rival swords
    Punch out
    Rabbids go home
    Rampage total destruction
    Rayman raving rabbids 1
    Rayman raving rabbids 2
    Rayman raving rabbids tv party
    Ready to rumble wii
    Real snooker 2008
    Red steel 1
    Red steel 2
    Resident evil 0
    Resident evil 4
    Resident evil: Archives
    Resident evil Darkside chronicles
    Resident evil umbrella chronicles
    Rock band 1
    Rock band 2
    Rockstar table tennis
    Samba de amigo
    Scarface: the world is yours
    Sega superstars tennis
    Shaun whites snowboarding road trip
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    Skate it
    Smarty pants
    Soul calibur legends
    Spiderman 3
    Sports island
    Sports party
    Splinter cell double agent
    SSX Blur
    Star wars force unleashed
    Summer athletics
    Super mario galaxy
    Super mario galaxy 2
    Super monkey ball banana blitz
    Super paper mario
    Super smash bros brawl
    Tales of symphonia
    Tatsunoko vs capcom
    The bigs
    The clone wars lightsabre duels
    The conduit
    The Godfather: Blackhand edition
    The Grinder
    The Munchables
    Tiger woods 2007
    Tiger woods 2008
    Tiger woods 2009
    Tiger woods 2010
    Tomb raider anniversary
    Tony hawks downhill jam
    Top spin 3
    Toy Story Mania
    Trauma centre second opinion
    Up:The videogame
    Virtua tennis 2009
    Warioland the shake dimension
    Warioware smooth moves
    We ski
    Wii cyberbike
    Wii fit
    Wii jog
    Wii love golf
    Wii music
    Wii play
    Wii sports
    Wii sports resort
    Winter sports 2008
    Worms a space oddity
    WSC Real 08: World Snooker Championship
    WWII Aces
    Zack and wiki quest for barbaros treasure
    Zelda twilight princess

    *Unreleased games with a preview thread already created the link will revert to black once the game is released.*
    *There have been a couple of threads created for us/jap released games as yet unreleased in europe, their link will remain black*

    There has also been a wii game video review thread created to compliment these discussion threads and to help with game purchasing, which covers most of the games listed here, that thread is Here

    This thread can be edited and added to whenever someone adds a new game discussion thread, i'm sorry for the use of large text but i found so many links to be fiddly without it, feel free to add any comments below.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
  2. Tetlee

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    Wow, fantastic work there Haggler.

    Going to unstick your reviews thread now it's getting a little old and replace it with this one(Stuart doesn't like too many sticky threads on the forums) as it definately deserves to be a sticky, very useful!

    Good stuff:smashin:
  3. Haggler

    Well-known Member

    Sep 11, 2007
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    Workbench bootblock
    Updated list and added the preview threads, their links are shown in a different colour, once the game is released the moderators will have the option to keep the same thread for discussion and if so the game link here can be reverted to black. :smashin:

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