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after getting my wii last night i have decided to change my career in the new year.
i am going to become an In House Fitness Trainer, i am going to take my wii round to customers houses and let them play the wii sports for an hour, they will loose 160 stone be mega fit and never need to goto the gym again.
what a fun bit of kit (but knackering)

p.s i think my back and arms are broken


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Well I am aching a bit this morning. First ever go on Wii Sports last night... the missus beat me at bowling, and worse still, trounced me 3 times at Boxing :(


heh luv it, this was the marketing I sold to the missus about the wii.

She " you don't use the xbox thingy(360)! You don't need a wii!!!!"
Me "I see it as a fitness machine think of the calories we will burn! No need for gym's, going out in the cold running, brr. And we can have fun!"
She "hmm yeah I hadn't seen it that way! Ok!"
Me "wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
She " unfortunately can't buy a console now to close to santa coming!"
Me "plop!" or words to that effect!

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