Wii- fastest selling console in UK

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Wii has become the fastest-selling home console ever, with 105,000 systems already sold.

In contrast, the GameCube saw sales of 52,000 consoles in the first weekend after launch, while the figure for Xbox 360 stood at 70,000 units.

Of the 14 software titles launching with the Wii, six made it into the all-formats top 40 - including Zelda, which debuted at number 5. Other popular titles included Wii Play and Ubisoft's Red Steel.

It was also a great week for Nintendo's handheld, with around 110,000 DS units sold, and 14 games in the top 40.



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I for one am really pleased for nintendo, as they have given me some of the greatest home console games ever:


Solamans Key
Super mario brothers


Streetfighter 2


Goldeneye (still one of the best games ever!)


Resi 4 (although I am only just playing this through on my wii as I missed it first time round :suicide: )


Zelda, Twilight princess
and more to come im sure.


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graphics arent as good as the 360/PS3 though ;)


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Also I believe the GC once held this title as well. Its really not a great surprise as Nintendo have put more machines into the market on day one and have a loyal fanbase that buys the console as soon as possible.

Shame they couldnt have made more really because from what I can make out from the shops I have been in they could have sold 3-4 times the amount.

/Goes back to searching the far reaches of the internet for a Wii.
The GC did hold this title, and look what happened to that.

The Wii may or may not be the fastest selling console, but I think it has sold so many so fast because people have cottoned on to .. Wii + eBay = ££££!!

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Microsoft would have easily sold 100,00 Xbox 360's like Nintendo if they actually had the stock.

They only sold 70,000 because that was all they had.

I don't see SONY selling anywhere near as many PS3's in that time.

I hate to say it but i wouldn't be surprised if because Nintendo want to have sold 6 million and MS hope to shift 10 million by march that come this time next year that Nintendo have sold the most consoles worldwide.

Microsofts sales will remain good and constant as the Wii appleals to a different audience but when the PS3 finally ships, the 360 sales may slow down and Nintendo will reamin constant and could well sell the most consoles.

I'm baffled how people (and SONY themsleves) reckon that SONY will still be the most popular and sell the most ammout of units? Sounds incredably ambisous if you ask me


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Frequent supply of good quality titles and franchises are the key and the gamecube is not a good example of this. Lets hope they get it right this time! :)

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