Wii Controls - Keeping it real or exploiting the easy tricks?

How will you be using the Remote in games, realistic or cheating?

  • Keeping it real, golfing like Tiger himself & boxing like Ali

    Votes: 66 79.5%
  • Might mix it up, realistic on my own but cheating when playing freinds

    Votes: 7 8.4%
  • Exploiting the controls every chance I get, a flick beats a punch any day

    Votes: 7 8.4%
  • Why can't they just give us standard controls dammit!

    Votes: 3 3.6%

  • Total voters


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Thought this would be an interesting little debate after reading the following about SUper Swing Golf in the IGN review:

While the control works well during a natural swing, there is definitely a way to cheat. Since the swing is really measured by the angle of the remote and the speed from point A to point B, you can twist your wrist to simulate a backswing, hold the A button to begin your swing, and then flick your wrist very quickly back to its starting position. After a few tries most people will be able to successfully hit a "Pangya" super-shot every time, as the game believes you just achieved a perfectly straight golf swing (and maybe you're just a very tiny man with an arm-reach of only a few inches, right). If you're going to play Super Swing Golf, just know some jackass can sit down next to you, act "too cool" to play the game the right way, and ace you ever shot. It's weak, it's a shame, but we're seeing it more and more with Wii games. Either you play by the rules or you start breaking the game.
Now this isn't the first time I've read something like this and it sure as hell won't be the last. Just a few days after release I was reading peoples tips for Wii Sports Boxing, just holding the controllers in front of you while sitting & jerking them up, tilting them to the sides and flicking them for punches:rolleyes:

Funny but I found it kind of depressing reading, but then I guess we all from the start that the whole realistic control methods brought to us courtesy of the Wii Remote, would be constantly exploited as users quickly discovered that it wasn't the most practical method of getting the perfect hits in alot of games. Not saying it's wrong as obviously each to their own, as long as you're having fun.

Anyway, just out of interest I thought I'd make a poll to see how you lot are currently playing and think you will continue to play. For me I'll be playing the way the game was intended(as long as it works), just as with Fight Night 3, I used the total punch control as it felt more real, despite the fact I knew it would be easier to just hit the buttons nand get perfect punches every time. For me it kind of kills half the fun, & the illusion that you're actually in the game is gone straight away.

So, please vote away, and remember, don't just vote by how you're controlling right now, think how you plan to continue playing Wii games, the proper way, or if possible the more cheating way with little flicks etc. of the Remote instead of the proper intended movements? Will you be standing playing golf as god intended?


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Keeping it real :thumbsup: half the fun of the wii sports games is making a tool of yourself in front of friends!


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Keeping it real :thumbsup: half the fun of the wii sports games is making a tool of yourself in front of friends!
Couldn't agree more:D I love adding to the illusion of actually being in a game, even if there are tricks to make it easier by cheating. Give me fun over high scores any day!

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part of the novelty is getting up and doing something.

but they need to make games accessible to all including the young/disabled/lazy etc

im sure future games will come with more options so you can set it to more realistic movements to play properly, and maybe even a type of handicap system so adults HAVE to swing harder than your 5yr old kid
Definitely keeping it real....If I wanted a sit down and learn loads of button presses in a particular sequence console then there are plenty of them around already.....I feel good and healthy after playing the games, instead of the couch potatoe I would be otherwise...


I think I'm somewhere in the middle, I use swipes and wrist flicks.

In boxing I find being too realistic counter-productive, I can throw a nice left jab and it ends up as a right jab because the nunchuk didn't pick it up but the remote picked up my body movement.
For throwing hooks you need to flick to the side to get it to work.

For bowling, golf and tennis I have stances and I couldn't play those games any other way. I use reasonable gestures that feel right , bowling looks more like bowls, golf looks more like cricket but hey it works.


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it defeats the whole point of the Wii if you are just going to sit on your arse and flick your wrist.


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it defeats the whole point of the Wii if you are just going to sit on your arse and flick your wrist.
agreed, you might as well just get a copy of Razzle :rotfl:

Bowling is superb, I can't see how you could play that sat down to be fair.

Tennis can be played sat down but you can't be too close or you can end up clouting each other.

Boxing, as someone already mentioned, it just seems a little slow to react when playing realistically. Certainly when trying to do hook punches it seems more luck than skill and on the occasions I have managed it I am pretty sure it was a twitchy move rather than an intentional one.


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Real, all the way. Except for pitching in the baseball. You just seem to be able to vary your pitches better with a flick of the wrist. :)

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Keep it real, it is by far the most fun. I have made a total fool of myself and had friends in stiches over my antics in the boxing ring:thumbsup:


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Keeping it real until my shoulder starts hurting again and then I might have to adjust my technique slightly!!

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