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Have searched and seen a few comments on how the component cable is recommended for connection to a system with a projector - makes perfect sense ;)

Nicked the Wii from the kids in the living room to put in the PJ room as I now have Zelda and the picture (84inch diag) was obviously (and as expected) poor.......fuzzy/blurry.....not appalling but it would have been difficult to play for any length of time.

I appreciate that you can't get HD images from the Wii, but will the addition of the component cable make a big enough difference on a screen of that size to make it worth the money and to make it easier on the eye to game for a few hours?

Has anyone else got a set up around that size or bigger that they use with the Wii, and how have they found the improvements with the component cable.




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oohh yes, definitely worth using the component cable over the standard composite. Whilst you cannot get away from it having a lack of definition, it will still be more playable and easier on the eyes in comparison. Some games might suffer more than others, ie older classic games from N64 or some from the gamecube, but most Wii titles will not be too bad.

It can help playing about with the settings on the Projector, what works for your High Def stuff might not work so well for lower quality feeds. I cant really help much further with that as I havnt had my Wii set up for almost two years now...lol. And I've changed projector since I last did when I think about it.


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Hi Mate

Thanks for that......been playing around with the settings in the AVR and on the PJ (as well as the Wii) and it doesn't look awful, it is just not quite good enough at that size to think you won't get a headache from playing for longer periods of time. It is text that is a big problem a lot of the time.....fuzzy round the edges and a bit blurry......

If the component cable improves it enough to get away with this then I think I will give it a go if I can find a cheapish deal!

Been too spoilt with big screen gaming on the PS3 and 360.....i did plug my old N64 in the other day and nearly went blind it was so bad.....:D

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