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Heya all,

After a little advice :thumbsup:

Off to the States twice in next 2 months so was wondering with the good dollar rate if I can buy a Wii in the US?

Would it work, I am guessing power wise it would but I would need plug converter?

Games?? This is the issue I think i might have a problem, are games not the same as dvd's, ie - ntsc us and pal uk???

Thanks and so for what probably seems like a very basic question to you guys/gals!

I believe the Wii Runs at 110V and you need it to run at 240V so a convertor is needed NOT just an adaptor plug I believe

Games are region protected so you would have to buy US games as UK and Jap ones dont and wont work.


So its proably not worth it by the sound of things.

How much would a converter set me back, does anyone know?

Does anyone know if nintendo have the ESPN or Madden football game, etc - I have always had XBox so excuse my ignorance about the world of Nintendo :D

But I would be able to get games alot cheaper yeh?


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If you get a US Wii, you'll be able to order import games from the states. And yes they will work out cheaper, even with posted added on. Not sure if you'll get stuck with a VAT charge at the post office though.

Check out maplin's website to see if they do a converter.


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Be aware though that demand for the Wii in the US seems to be at rediculous heights with punters camping out for 2nd/3rd/4th shipments.

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