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Wii at decent price on ebay

Indiana Jones

I thought £180 was decent, £300+ is ridiculous.


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I'm not so sure, i've been keeping an eye out, it comes with play as well which is going for upwards of 60 on its own, yeah of course you can fiddle about with auctions, probably get it cheaper


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IMO £180 is steep for a wii, let alone £300.

Gold Feet

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Make them an offer minus the ebay and paypal fees (10%?), and I bet he takes it, the EU consoles are exactly the same bar the plug.

Te Bheag

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Could have had one for £228 including delivery from Germany yesterday - £305 is way too high IMO.

I'll pay £179.99 and not a penny more :).

IMO £180 is steep for a wii, let alone £300.

Given that it comes with Wii Sports I think £180 is a decent price (works out £140 for the console) - especially considering that Wii Sports seems to be one of the better games currently on the system.

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