Wii and vsx-921


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Pioneer vsx-921 (hdmi to tv)
Nintendo Wii ( connected via component to amp)


Can't play games from wii as there is a huge time lag after nearly hitting my misses with wii remote I noticed something was wrong!! Is there any way to stop this or should I just find a way to connect the wii directly to the tv?? If this is the case can I have sound going through amp even tho video is direct to tv?? I would prefer it all to go through the amp if possible i just need to know how to eradicate the silly lag!!



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i've just got a 921 myself but i've not set up the wii yet so don't know if i have delay. I know by default it's set to process the image which might be causing the delay but i don't think component sources can have the processing turned off as when i did that on my 360 the display changed to no signal. I think you might have to use component out rather than hdmi out if you want to turn off processing.

You can connect the wii to the tv for video, and amp for audio technically, but on my component cable at least, the red/white audio cables are joined to the red, green and blue video cables, so if that's the same for you, you'd need female to male rca extension cables for the audio cables to still reach the receiver.


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Ah.. Ok.. Well that wasn't what I wanted to hear lol.. I have a 42" led tv which is on slim brackets and all the audio/visual equipment is hidden under the stairs about 2 meters away!! So not only do I not have the room behind the tv for component cables.. I also don't think they are long enough?? Surely there must be a way to solve this through the amp!? Pioneer wouldn't make all the outputs with a time lags surely..

Would they??


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i guess doing analog to digital conversion with 1080p upscaling is likely to add some sort of delay, which when coupled with a tv delay might make things too noticeable. I will attach my sensor bar next time i'm at home and test the wii and let you know if i get the same issue as you. Unfortunately i don't have any standard component cables so i can't test using component out either.

You could also try changing the upscaling mode by pressing the video parameters button on the remote (you might have to press the receiver button first on the remote) and then on the front panel of the receiver, press up or down till you get to the resolution, then change it to various things to test the delay for each.

as for your tv situation, you could buy these:

RCA Phono Right Angle 90 Degree Plug Socket Adaptor: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics



plus a couple of these or similar

2 x RCA Phono Plugs to Sockets EXTENSION CABLE Audio: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

but probably worth checking if it can actually do passthrough over component before wasting the money even if it is only a bit over a fiver.
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Hello Marc,

Thank u for your input.. After today I am guessing I just ant set these things up!! I even have a delay on the sky box which is plugged in via a yellow video lead and red and white!! I still don't know if I can have sky on say hdmi (DVD) and something else on the component part for DVD so just tried splitting everything up.. Any reason for delay on sky??


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yeah you need to split them up. They have multiple things with the same name so for instance you could plug sky in via hdmi (dvd) and also the optical (dvd) and then use video over hdmi and audio over optical (because sky can't do 5.1 over hdmi) If you use the matching pairs of named ones it auto assigns them for you but you can reassign them if you don't use the matching ones

composite (yellow/red/white) is also an analog source, so again, it would need to be converted and upscaled by the receiver, possibly causing the delay. I will test my wii later tonight and see if it has delay and if it can be fixed


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ok, so i've had a little play around with the wii. I didn't notice much in the way of input lag regardless of what settings i used, however it did feel a little more responsive moving the pointer around in the wii menu when i set the output resolution to PURE (default is auto) so you might try that and see if it makes any difference to you.

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