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Wii and receiver problems


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I'm having some trouble getting my Wii's video to come through the receiver. I've read numerous threads on the issue, apparently a fairly common one, to no avail - they confuse me more than anything. I'll explain my setup below and outline a couple of queries. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

I have a BenQ W1070 as my video output connected by HDMI to my Yamaha HTR 2866 receiver. I am using a composite (not component, though I have ordered one) cable to connect the Wii to the receiver.

It is connected to the AV5 port which has L & R audio and video inputs. From this I get only audio. I have tried the video (yellow) cable in the other AV ports with a matching socket, AV3 and AV4, without getting any image. The Wii works fine with the other TVs in the house.

Basically, how can I sort this out? I've seen some threads suggesting I need an analog monitor cable to run from the receiver to the projector because the analog video signal can't be converted to digital, but then I thought that perhaps AV receivers in 2014 would have such a feature? Even if my HTR 2866 is a bit bargain basement... I've boxed in the cables by now without thinking to test the Wii, erg! If I can't run the signal via the HDMI output and need a monitor cable, would it be batter for me to do that or purchase a Wii 2 HDMI converter from Amazon?

Thanks for any advice!


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Component may work, but IMO if your gonna spend out on extra cables and converters you'd be better off just buying a WiiU instead and connect via HDMI ;)


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I'm 99% sure you wont be able to convert the analogue video signal to a digital one without using some kind of converter, your receiver wont do it.

So your wii i connected to your yamaha amp via composite cables which in turn is connected to your benQ via HDMI? If thats the case, only your digital sources will be displayed on your benQ.

Does your PJ not have a composite video input which you can connect your wii to directly and have the audio cables going to the amp for surround sound? I know its not ideal but that may one solution, the other is, as you suggest, an analogue monitor cable from amp to PJ.


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Ah, as feared. I was hoping I was really missing something. A Wii U it shall be, hoping (somewhat in vain) that John Lewis will do another fire sale. I must have missed the last one by only a couple of hours
:(. In the meantime I think I'll be getting a monitor cable. Cheers for the help folks!

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