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Please help, I wish to buy a wifi router but I know very little about the differences between them. I have a couple of specs for it:

1) My PSP must be able to connect to it (are there any it can't connect to?)
2) It must have a built in modem and firewall
3) It must be secure

I've no real budget in mind but obviously cheaper is good ;)

Any suggestions? Anyone using something already that meets these requirements?


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Don't forget to make sure the router you choose has an ADSL2 modem built into it. Most should have but check anyway otherwise if you change you ISP in the future you'll have to buy a new router as well.
You'll need to spend about £50 up I would say. If you want the best consumer security then you'll be looking at around £140, that's if your a security freak though.
Otherwise most Routers should be good but the following features are advised:
WEP and WPA encryption, SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) or DoS (Denial-of-Service) and RADIUS encryption. You need to make sure it's compatible with Voice Over IP if your going to use that (Making phone calles over the net using Skype for example)

You also need to think about range, whilst there wireless, if you plan on using a laptop in the garden for example or if you have lots of brick walls in your house then not all routers will workover long distances.. If your going to just use your PSP then they most should be alright. Best thing to do is google for some reviews to see how they perform over distances.

I'm going to get a wireless router myself soon and am going to buy this one:

It's about £100 though and will need a bit of knowledge to set up but Draytek make the best routers you can buy and there British.
I don't like netgear too much, on that level I prefer SMC like this one:
That's just my personal preferance though.


I just got a Philips Router i didn't think it would be any good got it on a deal for under £40 from staples. It has all the latest security

I would go for a Philips or a Linksys router.


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Stimpy100 said:
I have the Netgear DG834GT which meets all your needs and personaly i have had no problems with it.
I'd second that suggestion - I bought one last month and it was pleasantly easy to set up - even the connection to the PSP worked first time. You can get wireless routers that work at faster speeds (Netgear infact have one called 'RangeMax' I think - though I doubt the PSP would be able to make use of any extra wireless speed.

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