WiFi router dying (again)


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Six data-hungry people in the house, all on lockdown due to you-know-what... My beloved ASUS RT-AC88U is 18 months old. Developed an intermittent fault on port 3 a few months ago.
Today wifi died.
LAN died.
Time to replace it? What with?
Tempted to repeat history by buying another one. Other than the fact it's not working I really like it, firmware and all.
It needs to be wall mountable, have great range & performance and have at least 5 ports (have 8 currently).
Any ideas?


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Been running Ubiquiti APs for a few years now. Rock solid but not an all-in-one solution like the router you had.


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I’m another Ubiquiti Unifi user for wifi with 3 APs in the house, one in the garage, and one in the shed. Multiple APs help ensure great coverage all over the house and allows for a bit of “spread” with wifi clients, so not overloaded any one AP with too many clients competing for air time as bandwidth. My router is a non-wifi Draytek Vigor 2860.


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I’m not gonna say it. Oh OK, +1 here for UniFi APs! Seriously considering an upgrade to the NanoHD.


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Well, upgrading the firmware seemed to help. In the meantime I tried to order the RT-AX88U, but no dice. So bought another ASUS RT-AC88U as a backup incase the first one needs to go back at any point. As a bonus it works as a node on the Asus MESH system so 3rd floor gaming son is happy.
Good to have some redundancy in these uncertain times. Config from router 1 is backed up ready to go.
Stockpiling loo rolls is for amateurs :)

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