Wifi network in home and two outbuildings? Mesh / Wifi 6 confused?


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Hoping you can help out an old timer here.

We have built a new garden office alongside another outbuilding which is currently on a TP link powerline which loses half the data along the way.

We have just installed two Cat6a Ethernet cable to both out buildings and have a BT hub router in the house. We would like to improve the wifi signal upstairs which ok in two rooms but poor in another.

What system would you install in the outbuildings and house to have a complete wifi coverage In home garden and outbuildings
We currently get around 42mbps in the house.

I would like one seamless system that my phone and laptop / iPad can move around on the same network seamlessly. We stream movies, son plays games and numerous zoom calls for work as we both now work from home permanently.

Budget is around £300-500

Do I need an improved router and some kind of mesh system? My knowledge of this are is very limited thanks in advance.


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Not too dissimilar to my set up. I went with Ubiquiti UniFi Access points. I have 3 - one in the house, one in the garage and the other in the office at the bottom of the garden. There is a decent thread on this system already- for me it’s simple. Turn wifi off on existing router, then plug the AP into the router to handle the Wi-Fi. You might need a switch if your router doesn’t have sufficient ports.


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I spent Sunday installing 3 Unifi APs for a client. One in their new extension and one in the original house (2 x AC Lites) and then connecting a 50m Armoured Cat6 into their commercial greenhouses in their garden to an AC-M, now they have seamless wifi throughout their house, their garden, summerhouse and greenhouses. Including a little 8 port switch the hardware bill was just under £300. The armoured Cat6 was another £100 for 50m. Everything is cabled back to their Plusnet Router. Well-planned wifi using a single SSID and wired APs makes for a very pleasant experience. I also set up a second Echo Dot in the Greenhouse for them and now they also have an intercom system.


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Sounds exactly what I need @mushi do you have model detail? Cables are in the building just need faceplates, sockets and lights fitting.

I hear good things about Unifi

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