wifi media player which is best / better


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Hi all

looking to buy another media streamer

it has to be wifi compatable

would like to watch iso dvd files from my box sets etc

also if possible to have fun say watchin youtube & listening to online radio

thanx for your time



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Hi nac

really it does have no place for ethernet cable living room all complete




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Tan, judging by your name and location I'm assuming you're a fellow Arab.:hiya:

I'd have a look at Hompelugs if you don't already have network into the living room, if you do have network there, consider a switch.

If you must have Wifi, have a look at these.
iboum.com : Future Entertainment Technology : HD Media Player Comparison Grid

Do youhave a file format of choice, not streamers are equal, and do you need Hi Def audio output from B/R rips?
FWIW I use a WDTV Live (in your case you'd use it with Homeplugs) and really like it, its a nice budget streamer and it can be customised extensively. It has two USB ports so is happy to play files from local drives that you just fill up from your PC, avoiding all that nasty network stress.
Cheap Homeplugs would be fine for Youtube giggles and keeping up with the Terrors' assault on the SPL. You'd need faster plugs if you wanted to reliably stream video directly from your PC/Nas.

I don't use mine for music/radio so maybe someone else could advise on that. I use Squeezebox for that purpose.
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Hi nx3 / dave ta for that

Hi nac also ta for that too

all good ideas but.....

for price and ease of use i am gonna go with the asus oIPlay

i just hope it does what it says on the tin



arab i am ET upper season tix holder go with the a90 most times


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