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Hi all, after some help if possible please. Forgive me if the answer is really obvious.

I want to improve WiFi coverage around the house.

Current arrangement is:
  • Virgin Media Hub set to Modem mode
  • Netgear Nighthawk (R7000)AC1900 Router
  • CAT6 Wired Ethernet throughout the home.

Anything connected on Ethernet or in close proximity to the Router is fine, and will receive the full internet connection speed (200MBps), but the WiFi signal drops off and speeds reduce in other parts of the house.

Options as I understand them;

a) Replace the router with something better and hope that gives better coverage
b) Wireless Access Point(s)
c) Both a and b
d) replace the whole lot with a fancy mesh system?

Any thoughts please? Which option, and if possible what equipment?


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Thanks I’ll have a read of that later,I’m pretty sure it’s the unit that’s faulty like I say Iv taken it and swapped with one of the others.

do you think sky q will be causing havoc, iv got them connected by Ethernet but the mesh is still showing on my phone
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I know very little about SkyQ, but as I understand it, it's using the 802.11 Wi-Fi protocols and if so, then yes it would be competing for air time and bandwidth.
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Even if you turn off the WiFi on your Sky Q main box (hidden engineer menu) and have the mini boxes cabled they will use your 2.4G network to talk to one another and will use the cabled Lan to pass data.
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Just to close out my original thread, I've now moved to a rack mounted 24-port PoE switch (removed all the injectors), added a cloud key plus, reconfigured and 'adopted' the 4 APs. All running over CAT-6 ethernet I'm able to get the full 200Mbps throughout the house (and some of the garden!). Also moved to a single SSID and let the system manage the connections (set the band steering to prefer 5GHz).

I must say that having the cloud controller really seems to bring it all together and I'm enjoying geeking-out on all the additional features. It also support UniFi Protect software which I hope to use with a CCTV network in the future.

All working swimmingly, and the family don't even notice the difference - it just works.

Thanks to @mushii @mickevh @ChuckMountain


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