WiFi Boosting on standard SKY?


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I have a bog standard SKY router, the black one, I guess its Netgear.
I want to get a booster or extender so that the WiFi signal can reach both bedrooms?
Is there a simple cheap solution any one can recommend?
I'm not after anything fancy or with wires, or a large antenna, as SWMBO, will not allow any antennas in the house, as we have a 4 year old, and she is totally convinced that WiFi is dangerous....:rolleyes:
Many thanks


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The trouble with those boxes is that they halve your WiFi bandwidth.
Not necessarily. I believe they will now work over wireless N, but if the OP has a non N Sky router it doesn't matter anyway?


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Not necessarily.
I's afraid that I can't cope with "not necessarily" in maths. That is to say x + x ALWAYS equals 2x.

So here's my maths. On a shared channel only two boxes can talk to each other at any one time. So to get a message from A to C. Message from A to B takes N seconds. Message from B to C at takes N seconds. So message from A to C takes N * 2 seconds. So a message takes twice as long, therefore bandwidth halved. QED.

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