Wierd line shooting across screen!


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Don't know if there are any engineers/techies who have a clue about this issue.

Basically I have a JVC AV32T25S, bought in dec 03. I got an engineer out because of some colour purity issues. I was unable to be at home when he came round but I spoke to him on the phone when he was dealing with the TV. He did notice the purity issues and manually degaussed the set - this seemed to have slightly cleared the purity problems ( but they are still there) - he said that left as it was the set would be deemed to be within manufacturers tollerance. I got home and there did seem to be an improvement.

Anyway perhaps a week or so later while watching NTL digital a kind of bright light zoomed across the screen like a shooting star - very small probably a mm wide from left to right. This happens ocassionally - no specific pattern to when it occurs. I haven't noticed it on DVD's.

I wonder if this is anything to do with the scanning lines?

Could this have been caused by the manual degaussing? because I definately did not notice this before the engineer came. My girlfried said that that was all the engineer did ( manually degauss then left).

Oh and she does'nt notice the "shooting star" thing when it happens (typical)

I do not recall seeing this issue anywhere on these forums.

Any suggestions?


there is a thread on the sky board here. ive had it on channel 4 and bbc1. a green flash 1mm line in middle of screen ----------------


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Is it serious?

I cant find the thread - can u remember the thread title? or any search specifics ?

The light i see is white not green tho.


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Seems to be a different problem. I'm on NTL digital and my problem isnt really a line (well not a solid line) its like a wee bright light zooming across the sreen like a shooting star - I can kind of see a trail behind it but when it reaches the right of the sreen there is no sign of it on the left of the screen - if u know what i mean?

It's kind of hard to describe - incase u had'nt gathered :)

And it probably takes less than a second to go the full width of the screen.

And I am sure that it is not just in the one place - I have seen it in the middle of the sreen and in the lower quarter of the screen.

Thx for the reply m8.

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