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Has anyone noticed that playing back wmv files in a letterbox format doesn't work in widescreen? The xbox 360 treats the source as standard 4:3 and centers it (so there are black bars at the top and bottom and each side!).

This is for a dvd backup, playing the dvd it of course use the entire width. Is this a bug that will need a dash update or is it just being ripped wrong?


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yep i converted a vid into 16:9 it took like 2hours then when i tried it on the 360 i had it with a black box around it so i reconverted it to 4:3


Actually two hours is pretty quick if this is a full movie! So it worked when you converted to 4:3 (i.e. played back okay on a widescreen plasma with being 'boxed' in)?


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You have to remember that the 360 can only decode square pixels. It does not understand wide pixels.

So to convert PAL DVD movies which are 720 x 576, you need set the target resolution to 1024 x 576 which is square pixel format.

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