Widescreen wats good?



I'm on the look out for a new widescreen seeing as my old Sony 4:3 will be sent to the funeral home next week, yep it's finally died after a month of picture jumpin. Boo hoo :( etc.

Anyways, sorry about being a complete idiot and vague but the reviews online are all pretty much outa date, and none too great. I'm really :confused:

Now basically what I'm looking for is Widesreen and between 28 to 32 inches. Also it needs an excellant picture but the sound dosen't need to be cinema quality but not [email protected] either. Plus it needs to show DVD's well, my PC did better than me old TV.

Oh and the price needs to be around the £1000 mark can't really afford more.

So any suggestions can be helpful, cheers guys :cool:


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Look at the Philips 32PW9527 (The version of the Pixel+ set without Dolby Digital Built in) Look at http://uk.pricerunner.com/ to find the best price... and then get somewhere like John Lewis to match (the best price from a company which isn't just internet based) and get a free five year warranty thrown in.

For opinions and info on the Pixel + range, do a search in this forum for: Pixel+, 9617, 9527, 9607 and you'll get a lot of info.

Make sure you have a demo of any TV you consider before you buy it... thake along a favourite DVD and play around with all settings.. brighntness, contast, picture mode.

My 32PW9617 replaced a knackered old (20 years!) Sony 4:3 too!.... I couldn't be happier.

Good luck! ;)


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Currys are doing the Sony KV32FQ75 for £899.97.this is still selling for £1500 elsewhere. If you want a refurbished one the Sony centres are doing them at around £1100.


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Unfortunetely John lewis don't to the 9527. Also there seems to be a real shortage of that set recently. There are very few places that have it in stock and Philips can't tell retailer when they will next be getting any in.

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