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    This is stupid but here goes. . .what happens if you watch normal tv on a widescreen tv? I mean i know that if you watch widescreen DVD's etc on a normal tv it gets letterboxed so does this happen the other way around, like it cuts off the edges? Do channels broadcast in widescreen?

    I realise this is probably a very simple question but i'm a bit of a newbie so please indulge me
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    a lot of sky is in widescreen. you can tell the tv to either stretch it (linearly or in a way that stretches the edges more than the middle so people appear normal when in the middle of the frame) or to put black bars either side. you can also use 14:9, which cuts a bit off the top and bottom and also adds smaller black bars, this is what analogue is broadcast in usually. as you mentioned you can also stretch vertically and horizontally thus cutting the bottom and top off.

    I wouldnt worry about it everything you care about on freeview/sky (sports movies bbc etc) are broadcast in widescreen, only things like uktv gold and bravo broadcast 4:3 and/or 14:9.

    when connected by scart sky should automatically tell your tv whether it is widescreen or not and the tv will adjust accordingly.

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