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Thinking about getting a widescreen TV. I have looked at the Pannasonic TX28PL1C1 which has very good reviews. Can anyone tell me if this system is value for money and lives up to its reviews.

Also if anybody has got any other models in mind in the 400-600 price bracket with personnel experience it would be much appreciated.




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why dont you fork out an extra 300 or so and get the philips 28pw9617 from philips, this model has the pixel plus technology , has the souround sound 5.1 dolby and souround speakers. the picture is fantastic with dvds IMO. I saw some panasonic models and although they werent too bad the philips blows them away on dvd anyway.

worth considering

dont forget a tv is going to be watched for many years so you have to go for the best picture possible.

hope this helps


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Is it true that the 9527/9617 dont allow svideo on scart
only on the side panal?




Looking at loads of TVs in Comet & Currys etc, I still think the Panasonic 28TXPL1 has the best picture for the money. Sound is a bit poor, but then you will only really get good sound using external speakers.

Like virtually ALL widescreen TVs I have ever used, they all suffer geometry problems. This is no problem on DVD etc, just drives me mad on sports results, menus, boxes on the screen etc when they are supposed to be straight and they are not displayed as such. I have had two of the Panasonics and rejected them both for this and got my money back. Looking at other sets, I think my second of these was one of the best! Incidentally, all the Sonys I have looked at are the worst - even the £1500 ones.

Bad geometry is easy to spot on 4:3 mode - the picture is not straight, usually on the right hand side. Although you may never use this mode, the poor geometry will translate into 'wonky' straight lines in all modes. You will notice on your DVD menus, some teletext and lots of Sky / digital. I think its a major scam that sets are like this when TVs are increasingly used for all manner of straight menus. Its pot luck how your sets geometry turns up - it can be adjusted - in my case it was set to the best it could be.

Back on subject, if you can get the Panasonic for less than £450 and is not too bad on geometry (it will probably be no worse than any others and better than many), you've probably got a bargain.

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