Widescreen signalling over HDMI


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Apparently lack of aspect ratio signalling support for HDMI is so widespread, it's a common misconception that HDMI doesn't support aspect ratio signalling at all. This is totally false - read the spec.

So, how many current HDTVs actually do handle widescreen signalling from their HDMI inputs?


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Toshibas support automatic aspect ratio switching viaHDMI, I read somwhere that LG & Samsung dont but I dont know if that is true, this type of information it seems is never mentioned in magazine reviews & in my view its fairly important to know before you go paying a small fortune for a new HD READY? tv.


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I think this is a very important issue, to me much more important than issues such as banding etc. At the moment via scart it's so easy, the TV just shifts to the correct aspect ratio. My nightmare is having fattyvision or zooming forced on us like the BBC did with the Two Ronnies compilation series.


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I've found a poster on another forum ecstatic that his new Sharp LC-37GD8E does autoswitching: :clap:

To be honest, I'm amazed people are putting up with it. My searches show that many are being fobbed off by suppliers who tell them that "HDMI doesn't support widescreen signalling"! :suicide:

And yet, if you look at HDMI's own site, aspect ratio signalling and negotiation is one of the advantages they cite of HDMI!!! :rolleyes:

4. Automatic format adjustment matches content to preferred viewing format.
Content comes in a variety of sizes, resolutions and formats. HDMI systems will automatically configure to display the content in the most effective format. If cable TV content jumps from 16:9 format to standard 4:3, an HDMI-enabled TV can automatically adjust to match the ideal format.


Does anyone know if the panny 32lxd600 and tosh 32wlt68 does this?
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