Widescreen or Not?


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I was looking for a 50" Plasma TV yesterday from Curry's that does not have the white bars on the screen sides which are displayed as light grey on 4.3 programs, as I prefer programs to be in the correct format ie 4.3 or wide screen as my old Philip's CRT is set up.With the 4.3 and rest of screen off or black

I had an LG plasma 50" which went faulty and Mastercare could not get the parts (Beware LG buyers! ) and that was one of its annoying habits it had else it was fine.

So I am now looking (Has to be Curry's as only have vouchers for their store products) for same sort of spec without the annoying light bars on the sides of 4.3 programs.

The guy who was helping me at first gave me doubtful looks on this criteria but when we were searching he seemed to agree that those white bars on most sets were distracting when watching a 4.3 format Pic

And in case you think I could switch it to a squashed wide screen (as I could)
It looks horrible and prefer to watch a program in its correct format.

And I tend to notice on TV these days recent made programs that were originally meant for 4.3 are cut down to show in widescreen format and are almost missing heads. :rolleyes:

Only TV's that have this facility seem to be Philip's from what I was shown yesterday.

Anyhelp on this subject would be greatfull. :thumbsup:

Thanks for reading all this.


PS Why oh why to manufactures do this to there products or at the very least let you switch off that part of the screen. :lease:


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Pioneer screens have grey bars at the side.

The reason the sides arent turned off is so the whole panel 'wears' at the same rate. ie: If the sides were off most of the time the middle bit would be more worn, thereforee you would have a screen-burn effect down the sides of the screen with a visible difference in the shade of the image.


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Can agree with you there on screen burn but for the most part the programs are in widescreen and its only the odd old film or program in 4.3 so would not have much burn on it.

Plus why can Philip's do it and not others.? even a choice on the menu would be good (even another color) so its up to the individual. :)

But thanks for you're replying to me

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