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Jan 1, 2004
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Are there any widescreen LCD's with (scart, S-video, RF inputs & a TV tuner) out there that double as a PC monitor, preferably with DVI ?
Thanks in advance.
How big? Relysis do one, but the DVI is a bit iffy, it doesn't report the correct resolution. VGA is fine.
The JVC 17E31 does VGA and has all the inputs required, picture quality is the best i've seen on an small screen LCD too....

Dell do one, which may have DVI, but i can't confirm that.
I think the samsung 32" has DVI.

All the major brands (Philips, Sharp, JVC) have VGA in, and that should be fine.
Originally posted by Scott_Mac
Dell do one, which may have DVI, but i can't confirm that.

The Dell one looks very nice:

HDTV ready
TV inputs for DVD/HDTV Component Video, S-Video and Composite Video
Computer video inputs for VGA and DVI

and its down to £549 at the moment. Only 17" though.
Thanks for all the comments. Interesting stuff. Very nice kit. I'm looking for something about 19" or "20, and preferably without built in speakers. I guess thats hard to find. Main purpose would be PC monitor, which I didn't make clear before.
Samsung LW22A13 has a PC input. Max resolution = 1280 x 720 (nb this is not what is quoted on many retailers websites). Get one for about GBP1000 or so. Plus 2 x SCART (one RGB) separate SVideo, Video, audio plus PC audio, and a regular analog tuner.
Relysis is a bit small then, but at £450 or less, good value, 1280X768 us the usual res for these babies, they're probably all that. You might notice that this is not 16:9, the pixels are rectangular to compensate. Some screens have 'faulty' software, which causes overscan of the image maybe cos of this, but it's easy to run this res. via PC, and it looks fine. If you are a fussy man, you will notice slight distortion of DVD picture from PC, 6.7% in fact. The screen software should take care of this from a video input, but it does this in varying ways from screen to screen. Can't think of a 19" or 20" widescreen, 17" for relisys and the others start at 22". Quite a price hike at this point, but some of the 22" are very fine indeed, it would be my choice given unlimited finance.
hey MAW, are there any PC DVD software players that can apply a black mask to the top and bottom of the image to present it at 1280x720?

So either 1024x768 ouput, but the DVD image takes up 1024x720 (when expanded on screen it'll be correct), or

1280x768, with the DVD taking up 1280x720 (if the screen takes that res natively)

Most screens are 1280x768, and when connected up via VGA will only offer simple stretch modes, so you need the source to be correct.
I think you can do that, but it makes no sense, the picture will then be 'shrunk' cos of the rectangular pixels. The screens measure 16:9 in most cases, but it's the pixel count which is not. This happens with plasmas too. Moral of story, buy a set with square ones. Like the samsung above, fujitsu/panasonic plasma in 50", and low res 42" if this point is important to you.
pretty sure my TV has square pixels. Its 16:10 physical res. If I do a simple 'wide' stretch its fine, but with tiny bars top and bottom. If I fill the screen, people are ever so slightly too tall.

So to use a PC I'd need to compensate for that wouldn't I?

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