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A total newbie to the orld of projectors and this forum - do help in simple terms

I use an NEC V-45 projector and my new HP compaq 15" LAPTOP FOR PROJECTING Lectures. The resolution of my laptop is 1280 x 768 but i get a squared picture projected on screen when i try to clone this output to the projector. I agree that this may be a native 800 x 600 (VGA) supported projector with support for 1024 x 768 (SVGA). Changing the resolution to 800 x 600 gives me a rectangular projection for my powerpoint presentations but destroys (dispahpens) the visual on my laptop display - any solution for this ?? o is it to be expected??

Do projectorts anyways support widescreen projections??


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Hi, try downloading powerstrip (just google it). It usually sorts all your problems when connecting a pc to pj. It also alows you to tweak everything.

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