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virtually all films i have are 2:35:1 ratio which gives you the black Bars at top and bottom. now some times i keep these in as they will contain sub-titles for certain films.if they dont id usually letterbox the picture. now reading about not keeping static images on a plasma do these black bars apply ? if so is it safe to have like a 3 1/2 hr stint at a go i.e lord of the rings Extended edition and if not what to do ? ive read for x amount of hours of static images u need x amount of hours more of motion on the screen. so whats the score with the black bars ?


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I'm assuming that you view a variety of films at other times to balance this out? Just keep viewing a mixture of sources, rather than just train timetables, and you should be fine.

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sorry to sound like an idiot but train timetables ???? is that some terminology for the widescreen ratio with the black bars. ye probably watch other sources though like tv & ps2 so hopefully it will be ok


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I think he means that if you go to your local airport or train station, you may well see a plasma screen which has an incredible amount of burn in because it keeps showing the same screen. Glasgow Airport has these and there was a picture of something similar posted in these forums a few months back; there may be a train station or airport close to where you live where you can see this in action.


Black bars aren't high risk items, it's bright images you need to really watch out for, the red dot, DVD menus, and text as already pointed out. It also depend what model you have how sensitive it is. I'll put on my asbestos pants and risk saying that Hitachi seem to be the worst offenders, closely followed by Pioneer, though damage on pioneers is not necessarily permanent, I have known after image on a pioneer to last 2-3 weeks, but be entirely gone after that. Panasonic do not seem susceptible to the same extent, though I'm sure utter foolishness could wreck one. Whatever you have, you are not likely to burn it with black bars in the course of a film. Besides, this is what you bought it for, so if it did happen, there is a little phrase in the sale of goods act to help you, it should be fit for purpose, and as a retailer I'd say fair enough in that case.

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