Widescreen expectationstoo high?


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First post in these forums, please tell me if I’m posting in the wrong place.

I’ve just bought my first 32in widescreen TV (Daewoo DSC3220EGB100D) and I’m disappointed with the results I’m getting so far. I’ve upgraded from an old Sanyo 28in 4:3TV and I watch general stuff through Telewest cable, DVDs and a lot of sports.

The picture quality shows a lot of haloing and smearing (I got these definitions from the Sticky post). Text is blurred and football and rugby matches aren’t to the standard I used to get with the old TV. I’ve tried re-tuning, putting the signal from the cable box through the VCR, signal direct from the cable box to the TV, via analogue leads and via SCART but to no avail. Retail DVDs play like poor car-boot pirate copies.

Am I just unlucky or is this a common problem with this manufacturer/model?

Do widescreen TVs have a problem with sports?

Any recommendations for a general purpose widescreen TV in the £550 – 700 bracket?



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Welcome to the board. First off i don't know your tv so my comments are general rather than specific to this set. Something sounds not quite right, possibily with set up settings. Is your dvd player (and anything else which is capable) set to output RGB from the setup menu ? If so are you telling the tv to look for an incoming RGB signal and using the correct scart input on the back of the set ? (all scarts may not support RGB).
Perhaps an owner could check which inputs are supported. Have you tried S-video as well ? How is this affected ?


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I'm also not familiar with the Daewoo, but is it 100hz?

If it is, then it sounds to me like the tv has very low quality picture processing (which isn't unusual in lower cost 100hz tv's) and this would result in the smearing and blurring issues you mention. If this is the case, I would suggest exchanging the tv for a 50hz model in the £500 - £700 bracket.

As mentioned in the posts above, make sure you have your dvd player set to output RGB and that it's connected to the scart which accepts an RGB signal, as well as checking the dvd players setup menu to ensure it's set to 16:9 (not 4:3).

Also, contrast, brightness, sharpness and colour should all be set fairly low (typically at 50% or less). This takes some getting used to if you normally watch much higher settings, but once you adapt you soon realise how many picture problems are caused by high contrast etc.


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Thanks for the responses

I didn't realise that I could alter the settings of my cable box or my DVD. I got that sorted and then spent ages trying different settings. One of the SCART sockets is for RGB so I conected the cable box to that first. There was a change in the quality of picture but it still wasn't the quality I got with my old TV. I tried it with the DVD as well, and again the picture quality wasn't what I got before. I've just watched the Wigan v Widnes RL game and it was a poor picture throughout.

I read somewhere that some SCART leads are specifically for RGB, would that make any difference?

Would a 32in 50Hz TV from say Sony (KV32LS36) or Panasonic (TX32PS1C) have these problems?

My TV was bought from Argos so luckily it is going back on the 16 day refund scheme, but I want to make sure that if I spend a bit more then I'm going to get a noticeable increase in quality.



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The panny PS1C should be a big improvement over the daewoo however if you can get a refund from argos and use another source you will be better off as there choice of 32" sets is poor at best. I wouldreconmend you look into JVC 32" range Argos have the 32T25 for £700 and should be much better with DVD and Telewest TV.


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The specifically for RGB scarts carry just the picture signals and not sound, which you have to route separately and are normally use for the DVD picture in a full HC system. The scarts that you require are the full wired or fully connected to carry sound and vision.


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Thanks again.

The Argos refund policy is the reason I chose them. I'll do a bit of research into the JVC.


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